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Gold and Silver Storage Saver Account

For thousands of years gold and silver have been recognised as the ultimate currency. The world’s largest banks, along with the rich and powerfull all hold gold and silver as a hedge against uncertain times. Why? Because it’s safe, secure and easily transferable.

At New Zealand Gold Merchants we recognise that for some owning precious metals is perceived as being out of reach. We also share a concern that many of us will reach retirement and struggle to get by because we were not in a position to save for our future.


We have a solution!

New Zealand Gold Merchants’ Gold and Silver Storage Saver Account is the perfect platform for those looking to create a valuable long term savings asset for themselves, their children or grandchildren.



Gold has shown good resilience for the past 20 years, and looks set to continue this trend into the future. 

From the mines the metal originally comes from, to our refinery where we process it, to the world-class vault the metal is securely stored and insured in, New Zealand Gold Merchants Gold and Silver Storage Saver Account is unique in New Zealand and creates the opportunity for everyone at any age to begin saving for their future.


The how-to steps

Set up your account in person at our Onehunga headquarters or give us a call. Make sure you have your driver’s license handy so we can verify your identification.

You can set up a direct deposit from your bank account, or just use your online banking to deposit funds into our account (we’ll be launching an app soon to make this all even easier). The amount and frequency is entirely up to you.**

The team at New Zealand Gold Merchants will convert this money into either gold or silver the day we receive your installment. Your savings are then linked to the price of gold and silver, allowing them to grow over time. **Minimum purchase 1gm gold or 1oz silver.


What you need to know

  • You save in either physical gold or silver, or a combination of both
  • Deposit in regular installments – weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Miniumum saving deposit of 1gm of gold or 1oz of silver
  • Funds deposited will be receipted and allocated on the day we receive them
  • Funds deposited requires the refrence code GSSS for purchasing Gold or SGSS for Silver
  • Change the timing, dollar amount and frequency of your installments at any time – this is your savings plan!
  • Transaction costs are included in your purchase price
  • Transparent pricing – all transactions occur at the gold and silver price set once your funds are received and represent a margin of 3.5% for gold and 8.5% for silver
  • Zero storage fees when storing via the gold and silver saver accounts until 1 oz of gold (31.1035 g) or 5 oz of silver (155.5 g) is reached. This is the minimum bar size. Once the minimum bar size is reached the product is transformed into a bar and can be stored, delivered or collected ( some fees may apply ) 
  • Visit our homepage to see the live world spot price at any time
  • Make additional savings instalments at any time to accelerate your gold and silver holdings 
  • Easy to trade – you can sell your gold and silver back to NZGM at any time
  • 100% backed by physical metal, stored in your name in our vaulting system





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